Trading Rules

Important rules you have to follow strictly, if not then very soon you will out from this game:

1) Trade on single lot for 1 week, so that you can understand my calls timing and nature of calls. don’t focus on profit and loss in this 1st week. After 1 week you have to manage quantity In such a way that if you continuously loosing daily 100 points for 5 days then also you able to trade on same quantity. For more clarity you can watch our money management video 

2) Take all calls, irrespective of profit and loss.

3) Enter in given range only. Don’t enter below or above given range.
(you will get only 5 to 15 seconds for entering in trade.. for this you will get all script in advance before market opening)….Many people face problem at this stage.So you need to practice for that. How to increase order execution speed while trading on your calls?

4) Don’t exit in between running trade wait for target or for Stop loss, meanwhile if I feel any rejection then I will inform immediately to exit so you have to be alert during running trade.
If you exit in between running trade then it will hurt our risk and reward.

5) If Stop loss hits then don’t panic and wait for another call. And please don’t message about this every time.

6) In this journey we will face some bad days also and frequency of happening that 4-6 days in a month…So accept that days without any regret. And protect you capital for next day.

7) Maintain one excel sheet to track your performance on daily basis. You can download performance excel sheet from here. ( File password=techworld )

8) I request everyone please read all rules carefully and keep in mind while trading because I can’t support that much in a market time. Only my rules will guide you.

9) please don’t message or call in market hours.if so i will remove from premium group after 3 warning, whatever doubts you have you can ask 10 time after market hrs Only.
You can message only in emergency case.

At the end I will say if you follow my rules then definitely you will get minimum 30% returns on your capital and you will be able to join our service next month by paying Rs.6000. And if not then you will loose your capital.
All the best.

“Hope for the best ready for worst”