Some tips to increase order execution speed

As we all know bank nifty is among too volatile index. trading in options of bank nifty index requires very quick order execution speed, because while trading in options we are chasing with auto trader bots, algo and most important high skilled traders. So in-order to beat them we also required good trading skill. here I am providing some tips by using this you can increase your order execution timing:

1) Use nest trader software, it allow us to punch order within 2 to 4 second. because in this we can set scripts ,defined quantity and order type in advance. only need to press (F1 + Enter) key to buy the contract and similarly press (F2 + Enter) to place Stoploss order/sell order, like this many short cuts keys are available.

2) If you are upstox demat account holder then you can download nest trader software for upstox. Click here to download

if you don’t have upstox account you can open upstox demat and trading account

3) If you are Aliceblue demat account holder then you can download nest trader software for Aliceblue. Click here to download

if you don’t have Aliceblue account you can open Aliceblue demat and trading account

4) Zerodha no more allowing nest trader software facility if you want to know reason you can check it on  zerodha QnA platform

5) If possible then keep one  Separate mobile phone to receive our what’sApp messages during trading hours and keep what’sApp app open during trading time.

6) Most of the time our trades completes before 11 o’clock so you need to stay focus for 1 to 2 hours only, and I think you can do this to earn some money in short span of time.

7) Everything takes time and practice to learn. So Spend some time to learn that software.

         I hope these points will help you to earn money consistently from stock market.