Stock Options Package


      One must try trading in Stock option derivative to diversify his portfolio. Basically, there are two types of option contracts that exist in the market. These are: call option and put options. recommendations are provided during the market hours in Stock’s option with favorable risk reward ratios depending upon market conditions. Our Stock options tips are to help investors, traders, and intermediaries. You can subscribe to our services for a period of one month. You will start gaining results right from the very next day with our Stock Options tips.


  1. Daily Stock Options Intraday Calls.
  2. Frequency: 2 to 3 Calls Per Day.
  3. Accuracy More Than 85%
  4. Risk Reward Ratio 1:1 to 1:4
  5. In Terms of Percentage 30 to 40% Expected Returns on Capital in 1 months.
  6. Calls are provided via. Whatsapp Broadcast.
    (While Trading on our call you have to follow our TRADING RULES Strictly)


  1. Minimum 6 months experience in Stock Options Trading
  2. Good order execution speed
  3. Strong mind to handle market volatility

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Subscribing to our services is not your expense. But it is your investment. That will give you a RETURN from the very next day.