Bank Nifty Options Trading Course


I have designed this Bank Nifty Options Trading Course for those who wish to learn about the options trading in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-finance background, whether you are a Student, Engineer, Doctor, housewife, etc.

This course is specially designed for Bank Nifty options Buyers, But options seller can also take this course because I have discussed about both (Options Buyer/Options Seller).

The course has 17 lessons, which divided into multiple parts for viewing convenience. In dashboard section you can ask your question/doubts related to any lectures, topic etc.

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Topics for this course

17 Lessons8h 10m

0) Course introduction, why share market Why bank nifty option Advantages & Disadvantages, Rules of Probability in Trading


1) Introduction to share market

2) Market Terminology

3) Types of Trading & Traders

4) Candlestick Theory and Candle patterns

5) Bank Nifty Options, All about Bank nifty index, basic Concept of Options Trading, Logic Behind the options Trading

6) All about Option Chain, basic terms used in options chain, Option Chain Analysis

7) Option Greeks, Basics understanding, Definition and Application, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho

8) All about India Vix, Basic knowledge, Application of India vix in Live Market

9) SGX Nifty, Basics, and Relation with bank Nifty

10) Support & Resistance, Trend Lines, Channels etc

11) Chart Patterns, Triangle Pattern, Channel Break out, Channel Break down

12) Use of Volume Indicator and MACD indicator

13) Money Management for Bank Nifty Options Trading, Position Sizing

14) Entry point, Target Point, Strike Selection and Deciding Risk Reward Ratio

15) Trading Psychology,

Student Feedback


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This course is well designed and it is very simple and cover all aspects of trading. I am glad that from the beginning of my trading career I got a such good guidance.. And It's my personal opinion that all new traders should go through this course go through this course 1st ... So that u will save lots of money...
Thank you sir ,for the guidance.

i have watched tour course all videos. its simple to understand. Systematic after watching your video i understand why i lost my money . where i was lacking. everytime i was buying BANKNIFTY option and i was loosing money. You have explained buying vs Selling in very Simple language. now I will follow your every instructions and rules..

I thing a thank you will be very small word for all this effort and hard work made by you sir.
Thank you for the contents and giving simplest form of explaination i.e in mathematical and therotical form which has helped me to grow my knowledge and curiosity.
Literally i was new to stock market but after learning i can definately fell myself as a trader.
And sir if you are reading this review, i would like you to come up with more and more learning videos and courses to help us in being the best trader.. 😊😊

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